How I can help your groups double

I give my life to helping groups double every two years or less. I think about it all the time. It is often what I think about before I go to bed and often it is the first waking thought when I get up in the morning. I’d love to do what I can to help your groups double every two years or less. Here are five ways I can serve you and your groups.

Live conferences.

There is nothing like a live conference to motivate and equip your people to double every two years or less. For a current list of conferences that are scheduled, click here. If you are interested in hosting a conference, prices start at only $800 plus expenses. For details on hosting a conference, click here.

Lesson helps

There is a reason why many of our classes are not growing. It is a reason we don’t like to talk about too much: the classes are not that interesting. (Dare I say it?) Sometimes they are boring. They did a study that revealed that if you took all the people who actually sleep in Sunday School and laid them out end to end. . . well, they would all be a whole lot more comfortable.

Every week I write 4 new lessons I call Good Questions Have Groups Talking. These correspond with three of Lifeway’s curriculums, plus the International Standard Series. They can be used stand-alone or supplementally. Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking with answers from well-known authors and world-class commentators.  They make the classroom experience more like Max Lucado and less like a commentary. They also make it so easy to teach that they make it easier to find workers. Once I started using these lessons, I never struggled to find teachers again.

DVD Training

I have a number of DVDs available to help your groups double. All of these series are interactive so that you watch for a bit, then pause and discuss, watch for a bit and pause and discuss. Discussion questions are edited into the video itself.

  • You Can Double Your Class in Two Years or Less. This 10 week course was recorded live then edited down into 10 sessions. This is the core curriculum on how to double a class in two years or less.
  • Disciplemaking Teachers. Whereas Double Your Class deals with outreach, Disciplemaking Teachers deals with discipleship. We explore 9 qualities of a disciple and discover how disciples are made.
  • The FACTS About Doubling Classes. This tool is to be used as an in-class curriculum. I like to say about this tool, “I can double your class in two years or less.” Let me teach your classes for 13 weeks by way of DVD. I will teach the Bible around the themes that lead to groups doubling every two years or less.
  • You Can Double Your CHURCH in FIVE Years or Less. You do this by training groups to double every two years or less. We won’t get every group to do it, but we can get enough groups doubling that the overall church will double in five years. The audience of this course is your staff, deacons and top leaders of the church.
  • TIGER Training. This course is designed specifically for pastors. It is a great series to use with a group of pastors in the Association or to watch with the staff.

These five videos, plus four books are available in a discounted package called the Big Double Bundle.

Phone coaching

Sometimes, you need more than a book and a DVD. If you would like to enter into a coaching relationship, that is available as well. For a cost of $99 per month you will have access to me to call at your convenience to discuss Sunday School, church growth and whatever else you want to talk about. We will schedule a one hour phone call per month at which time we will go over key issues related to helping groups to double: modeling, training, recruiting, rewarding and so forth. Beyond this time, I will be available for you to call as needed.

To subscribe to personal coaching click the button below, then email me at and we will set up a time to meet. You will be charged automatically monthly. You can cancel any time.

E-newsletter / blog

If you would like regular reminders about issues related to how to teach groups, grow groups, make disciples, reproduce groups, train workers, etc, I have a blog and an E-newsletter list. Check it out at the main page at

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